Sunday, May 31, 2009

The movie "Chrissa Stands Strong"

Hi everyone!

I just finished watching the American Girl Movie "Chrissa Stands Strong". We had to wait for it to come out in Canada before we could watch it, and then we were on a waiting list that was a mile long, but we finally got it!

I really liked it, because I think that what happened to Chrissa and Gwen in the movie really happens to a lot of girls, and not enough people know about it. I also liked that fact that Sonali started as one of the "mean bees" and ended up as a friend to Chrissa and Gwen.

Norah and I danced and sang along to the song at the end over and over and over again, until Mum threatened to return the movie to the library. So we stopped, but we had so much fun!

Who else has seen the Chrissa movie?



  1. Hi Kit, yeah, I've seen it. You can read my thoughts on the movie (and the whole subject of bullying) here: and here:, where I showed it in a presentation to the incoming 5th graders.

    Unfortunately bullying happens way too often and in many cases not enough is done about it. My own situation is proof enough that sometimes the bullies get away with it. :(


  2. I've seen it. IMO, too true.

  3. I've seen it too. A lot of kids have to go through things like that in real life. It's horrible.

    But I did like the movie. =)

  4. Me and my sister watched it
    I thought it was good:)

  5. we own it! It's a good movie!