Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love warm weather!

Hi everyone!

Don't you just love when it starts getting warm enough to go outside without a sweater? Today it was very nice out and I went outside in sandals and my dress!

I got to play in the yard, but there wasn't much to do because the toys are still in the garage, where they are stored during the winter. I did get to climb the rose trellis though, because there weren't any roses on it yet! I can't wait for the end of school so that I can play all day!

My blanket is coming along quite well. Any colour suggestions? I'm making a crazy quilt, so each square will be different.

I'll talk to everyone again soon!



  1. I love the warm weather. =) Of course, here in California, it's been hot for two months, lol!

    And you should have some dark blue and light blue in your blanket. Blue is my favorite color. =)

  2. Hi!

    I love your blog!!!!!!!! For the blanket, I like rainbow. So really what your doing:) But my fav color is turquoise.