Sunday, May 31, 2009

The movie "Chrissa Stands Strong"

Hi everyone!

I just finished watching the American Girl Movie "Chrissa Stands Strong". We had to wait for it to come out in Canada before we could watch it, and then we were on a waiting list that was a mile long, but we finally got it!

I really liked it, because I think that what happened to Chrissa and Gwen in the movie really happens to a lot of girls, and not enough people know about it. I also liked that fact that Sonali started as one of the "mean bees" and ended up as a friend to Chrissa and Gwen.

Norah and I danced and sang along to the song at the end over and over and over again, until Mum threatened to return the movie to the library. So we stopped, but we had so much fun!

Who else has seen the Chrissa movie?


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Friends!


I realized this evening that I have never introduced everyone to my sister. She arrived about a month ago. Her name is Norah Rose Miller and she is eight (but almost nine) years old. She has red hair and grey eyes. We get along really well (Mum says that it's a good thing, or else there would be a lot of noise in our house!)and so we play lots of games together.

Norah Rose (sometimes we just call her Norah) loves the theatre and acting. She loves watching movies with my Mum and she keeps up to date with shows like American Idol and Britain's Got Talent. She is begging my Mum to bring her to a live performance of anything, and Mum says maybe she will bring her to the next AG movie when it comes out, or maybe to The Nutcracker as a Christmas treat. Right now, however, Norah is sulking because Mum is going to Cirque Du Soleil (The new OVO show) tomorrow, and she can't bring Norah because she will be out and about all day and is too worried about her getting lost...

I'm so happy I have a new best friend and someone to play with. Who are your best friends?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love warm weather!

Hi everyone!

Don't you just love when it starts getting warm enough to go outside without a sweater? Today it was very nice out and I went outside in sandals and my dress!

I got to play in the yard, but there wasn't much to do because the toys are still in the garage, where they are stored during the winter. I did get to climb the rose trellis though, because there weren't any roses on it yet! I can't wait for the end of school so that I can play all day!

My blanket is coming along quite well. Any colour suggestions? I'm making a crazy quilt, so each square will be different.

I'll talk to everyone again soon!


Sunday, May 24, 2009



Does anyone here knit or crochet? My Mum told me last week that I had to learn at least one (she knows both) for my homeschool art unit. I though it sounded deathly boring, sort of like sewing. After she told me about the new project, I even went back to my sewing circle post to see what everyone's suggestions were to avoid things that you don't want to do.

But we started today, and it's actually not so bad! My Mum showed me how to make little squares called Granny Squares. I love picking out the different colours of wool to make the squares, and Mum says that if I make enough, I can sew them all together to make a blanket!

So, I'm off to work on my blanket! Maybe it will be done before we move to the cottage, I would be good for around the campfire...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

My life... a post after a long break

Hi there everyone,

My Mum has kept me so busy lately that I haven't had time to post on my blog at all! Since it's too late to enroll me in boarding or even public school for this year, I've been working through a bunch of homeschooling workbooks so that I don't fall behind. Right now I'm working on division in math, poetry in english, vocabulary in french, and paintings in art. But I only have a few more weeks left and then, I will be done until September, when I will be going to a real school.

On a happier note, it is definitely almost summer here! It's been very sunny and nice for the last few days and it's been about 30 degrees! That's about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, I think. I'm so happy to be able to play outside again. Last weekend we even ate some ice cream!

I have exciting plans for this summer. My Mum is moving into a new house (and bringing me with her, of course) but we will be staying at a cottage for about three months. Mum says that we will be able to swim and be outside way more than in the city. My sister Norah Rose and I will both be going, but my sister Stacey hates being outside for a long time, so she's going to stay with some friends for awhile.

Well, that's all for today, but I will be updating more often now. My Mum says that she'll take 10% off my english mark if I don't write regularly.

Talk to you all soon!