Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Friends!


I realized this evening that I have never introduced everyone to my sister. She arrived about a month ago. Her name is Norah Rose Miller and she is eight (but almost nine) years old. She has red hair and grey eyes. We get along really well (Mum says that it's a good thing, or else there would be a lot of noise in our house!)and so we play lots of games together.

Norah Rose (sometimes we just call her Norah) loves the theatre and acting. She loves watching movies with my Mum and she keeps up to date with shows like American Idol and Britain's Got Talent. She is begging my Mum to bring her to a live performance of anything, and Mum says maybe she will bring her to the next AG movie when it comes out, or maybe to The Nutcracker as a Christmas treat. Right now, however, Norah is sulking because Mum is going to Cirque Du Soleil (The new OVO show) tomorrow, and she can't bring Norah because she will be out and about all day and is too worried about her getting lost...

I'm so happy I have a new best friend and someone to play with. Who are your best friends?



  1. Norah looks so sweet! A Norah lives here, too, only she goes by her nickname of Nellie.

    Norah sounds a lot like my best friend Nathalie. Nathalie's 13, but she's got red hair and loves theatre, history, and Anne of Green Gables.


  2. She's cute! I hope she gets to go to see a live theater show some day. That would be fun!

    And my best friend is named Quinn. I have pics of us on my blog.

  3. Norah looks very sweet, unlike my friend Hilary's ex-best friend, Bridget O'Shaughnessy. Bridget, also a redhead, has been mean and nasty to her since she started hanging out with Meredith and the Mean Girls. Glad to see Norah's hair is straight. Bridget has a mass of curls. There are pics of Bridget on my blog.