Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last day of school tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited! My last day of home schooling before my summer break is tomorrow! I have a few pages left in math, and then I have to write an english essay on a certain time period in history. I'm not sure which yet, I find out tomorrow!

After that, I'm free to do what I want all summer! Norah and I are going to rent lots of musicals to watch together. Her requests are "The Sound of Music" and "Annie" but I want to see "Mary Poppins". I guess we will have time to watch all three! Does anyone know of any other good musicals that we can get on DVD?

When do your summer vacations start?



  1. I love musicals! Check out our blog. Follow, if you like it!
    Hmm I can't think of any musicals you could watch right now. But I love to watch the old classic Disney movies!

  2. "Hair Spray!" We dolls love that movie-but only the new one. I didn't care for the old one. The "King and I" is a beautiful one as well! Mum used to watch it with her Nana. This is actually an older version of "Ana and the King" Be sure to watch the old "King and I" That one is the best!
    Also, how about the "Music Man"?

    Hope that helps Kit!

  3. Hi! We are new to your blog!



  4. Maby you could find a older version of
    the phantom of the opera? I just finished the book (original)and loved it, plus the music is so powerful,I wouldn't mind going and seeing it in person:)

  5. We love musicals. =) I second Hairspray, and I also like Mamma Mia! and Chicago. The Wizard of Oz is also always a good choice.