Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi everyone!

Mum has been hogging the computer lately (she has a bunch of exams) so I haven't had much time to update my blog. But she's reading something right now (probably a textbook) so I can finally get on here! Hooray!

While Mum has been studying, I've been looking over some papers from different schools. Mum says I have to start school soon. I don't want to. School is usually slow and boring.

There is a boarding school that sounds okay. It's pretty small. It's called Ivy Hills Private School, and it's near where I live.

Where do you go to school? I love hearing from everyone.



  1. I go to school at pleasent middle!

  2. School IS boring! I go to school at a regular old public school called Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary. It's alright as far as schools go I suppose.

  3. DO you mind if I use that name for my doll town?
    Ivy Hill.