Thursday, January 15, 2009

Power Outage!

Hi everyone,

Just the other day we had a huge power outage. It was fun, but a little scary too! I found out how different power outages are in 2009 from 1934 (that's when I'm from!). The entire city practically stops, they rely so much on electric power!

Since me and my sister Stacey didn't want to sit around all on our own in the dark, we spent most of the afternoon and evening with my Mum. We got to play Monopoly by candlelight, and have sandwiches for dinner, which was very strange.I put salt on my strawberries because in the dark it looked the same as sugar! It tasted disgusting!

Has anyone else had any power outages lately?



  1. Nope, can't say I've had any power outages lately, but it's sure been real cold!

  2. That sounds like fun! No power outages here, but it's freezing.

  3. We had a power outage just before New Year's. It was so awful! I didn't have anything to do. No laptop and no light to read comics by.

  4. For some odd reason it was really cold her, and usually it's just 50 or something degrees but it was 30! That's low for San Fransisco. Nope, no power outages here.

  5. No power outages where I live, but it is FREEZING! The other day school was canceled because it was like -20 degrees with the windchill!

  6. Wow that must of been really fun! Kirsten and I had to do that one time!
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