Monday, December 29, 2008

Sewing circle???

I hate sewing. Absolutely, positively loathe it. Once, my friend Ruthie's mom made us join a children's sewing circle. I hated it. So when my Mum pulled me away from writing my next newspaper, and told me we were headed to my Aunt's to sew, I was mad. Very mad.

There were two other girls there. They were close to my age: Jessica is eight and Lindsey is ten. They seem quite nice. Apparently they are my cousins. I thought that maybe we would get to play while Mum and Auntie sewed, but no such luck.

Once we got started, it wasn't too bad. I worked on my handkerchief, but for my next project, I can do whatever I want.

Does anyone have any tips for avoiding sewing circle?

-Kit (who is sick of sewing)


  1. LOL Kit! I never learned to sew, myself, so I don't know much about sewing circles. But avoiding something you don't want to do is easy -- just pretend you're sick whenever it's time for sewing circle meeting...

  2. LOL, Haley! I wonder how long it would take Mum to catch on?


  3. You can buy one at the Disney store! Amazon works too!