Saturday, December 27, 2008

Natural Troublemaker?

Today, I was running around the house with my sister (we were having loads of fun, I was a rescuer and she was a fair maiden- I had to save her!) when Mum called me. She wanted to take some pictures of me.

She got a little frustrated with me because I kept running off while she was trying to take the photographs. But honestly, I wasn't trying to be disobedient. Is it my fault that I didn't know that the printer was set to photocopy 30 copies when I pressed the big green button? Is it my fault that the books on the top shelf were unstable and they all fell down when I tried to stand on them? Mum says I'm a natural troublemaker.

Mum got some pictures, and she promised to post an album soon. When she does I will be sure to post the link here, but in the meantime here is one of the pictures.

By the way, does anyone know of any really good doll pattern books? Mum has some gift cards to spend on books.


  1. LOL Kit! You sound a bit like my friend Kristy, she gets into everything...and she'll NEVER wear a dress! I sometimes wonder what Vee's room looks like, I've never been there... whoops, now you've up and given me ideas...


  2. It sounds like me and your friend Kristy would get along pretty well, Haley! Except I don't mind dresses (they do get in the way of playing)

    I haven't gotten a chance to be in my room very much, but soon... it may look like a tornado went through there!