Friday, September 11, 2009

I have a new dress!

Hi everyone,

Since I only wear clothes from the 1930s (other clothes make me all dizzy), I don't have too many clothes, most of the patterns are modern and American Girl outfits are expensive!

But the other day, my Mum and my Grandma made me a dress! It's very pretty, and it doesn't make me dizzy! In the picture, you can also see my new teddy- I named him Reginald:

I am getting ready to start school- I will be homeschooling again until the private school that I will be going to has an extra space for me, probably next year or mid-way through this year. I start homeschooling again on Monday. I hope you guys are all having fun at school!




  1. That dress looks adorable with your eyes! I love it on you!!!!
    Lola :)

  2. Hi Kit!
    Ooh that dress is SO pretty! Our Kit would be jealous :D

  3. Hi! I really like your blog. I also like the dress that you're wearing in the picture. Please check out my doll blog at:

    Once again, very cool blog!

  4. That's a cute dress Kit!

    ~ Kelly & Lissie ~